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Many different factors lead a piano to go out of tune; for instance, it can be different temperatures throughout the year. Changes in humidity, stretching of the strings, frequent playing, and many more causes, our knowledgeable team are here to guide you on the best maintenance advice on your beloved piano. Our skilled team have been tuning all types of pianos including upright, grand and baby grand pianos for many years now and have a wide range of knowledge and tuning skills between them. Regular tuning is the key to a healthy and stable piano, and a skilled tuning technician will use custom equipment and tools to place the piano back in A440 which is concert standard and the pitch that all pianos should be. Free Quote

Classic Piano Repairs give our customers peace of mind that their piano is in safe hands and all of their piano needs are met by our dedicated technicians that deliver every job to the highest standard. Our experienced staff will always advise our customers on a scheduled piano tuning session at least twice a year depending on the usage, age and environment your piano is kept in. Our friendly company are always competitive with our pricing and will always price our services at a fair and affordable rate ensuring that you receive the best care for your piano and avoiding hidden expensive fees for faults down the line.

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