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Classic Piano Repairs can bring life to your most beloved piano from restoring the woodwork to keys. Our skilled team have many years of experience when it comes to restoration projects and has brought back the most neglected piano to its former beauty. Our team prides ourselves on supplying our valued customers a professional and personal service while putting our skills and care into every restoration we come across. Our friendly staff use the best equipment and tools to ensure that all rebuilds produced are to the very best quality as we know what sentimental value these elegant instruments bring. Free Quote

All of our restorations are handcrafted, including unique soundboards by our skilled staff who themselves have worked on the most extravagant pianos in their careers. Classic Piano Repairs restoration service includes restoring vintage pianos to a newer look and sound. We can replace keys, pedals and woodwork to transform your vintage piano back to its former self or to give it more of a modern look.

Alongside our exterior remodelling, we also offer a full interior restoration where we will clean all of the interiors of the piano. We can also replace any broken keys, unsticking keys, and all other interior improvements, leaving your piano sounding like the first day it was played.

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